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How old are we really?How old are we really?

Have you ever wondered how old you really are or if your body is aging at a normal rate? Are you beginning to see wrinkles and fine lines on your face or other parts of your body? Maybe grey hairs already popping out? The truth is, you could be aging more quickly than others. When we're asked, "How old are you?", we always go by our calendar date. But what if that number is not as accurate as you think it is. New advances in technology have allowed us to evaluate different components of an individual to determine if stress, anxiety, over working, baring children, health issues are causing our body to age more quickly. Luckily, Dr. LaMar brings you his Aging Body Scan, a cost-effective way to determine your true biological age based on thousands of clinical evaluations in just a few minutes with recommendations on how to improve your body's aging process.

What is the Aging Body Scan?Aging Body Scan

It is your body's age assessment that is conducted here in our offices. This test quantitatively examines your body via an ear clip sensor that monitors your heart rate during the test. In just a few minutes, over 1000 evaluations are conducted to determine if your body is aging at a normal rate, to determine how old you really are, in a biological sense, as opposed to your calendar birth date.

Aging Body ScanWhat does the test measure?

The Aging Body Scan measures a reliable physiological marker of biological age. It tests both the positive and negative numerical differences between a person's biological age and their calendar age (date of birth). The higher the number you test for, the faster you are aging. Subsequent biological age test sessions will help identify the best "healthy aging nutritional solutions" for your body.

The Aging Body Scan also calculates your Body Mass Index, or BMI, which is very helpful and one of the most clinical ways to evaluate your weight in relationship to your height in order to assess body fat content.

Why should you do the Aging Body Scan?Healthy Lifestyle

Many people are rigorously working on their New Year resolutions that focus on weight loss, dieting and creating new healthy lifestyles. The Aging Body Scan gives the individual clinical information on how both external and internal factors are affecting their body's aging process and what recommendations can be made to improve an individual's current health improvement initiatives or point them on the right path to begin improving their body's health.

ObamaCare LogoAging Body Scan and ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act)

With ObamaCare now in full effect, you need to ask yourself, "How is this going to affect the health insurance cost for myself and my family?" ObamaCare has begun to dramatically expand the ability of companies to penalize employees for lifestyle issues including being overweight or smoking, in the name of wellness incentives.

Overweight and obese employees may now face difficult financial penalties of up to 30% of the cost of their health plan and up to 50% of the cost of their health plan if they smoke. And the reality, ObamaCare is NOT a voluntary regulation. Employees are now forced to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle or face financial penalties. Those with BMI's of over 30 will pay a minimum additional $100 per month for their health insurance whereas those with a BMI under 30 will be rewarded with lower healthcare costs starting with an additional $100 in their paychecks.

That's why the information you receive from your initial Aging Body Scan and subsequent scans will help you to ensure you are steering away from financial penalties that ObamaCare has brought along.

Make An Appointment TodayHow do I set up an appointment or find out more information?

To set-up an appointment with Dr. LaMar, please call 1-800-941-2889. To answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Aging Body Scan, you can call either Dr. LaMar or his clinical assistant Manny Requenes at 1-800-941-2889.