While attending school to become an ordained minister, Dr. LaMar developed arthritis and what the doctors called a "nervous colon." Two and half years of traditional medical treatment and prescription drugs yielded no relief. Thus began Dr. LaMar's search for real solutions which has spanned over 30 years.

Over the course of many years working as a nutritional evangelist in clinical environments as well as private practice, Dr. LaMar came to realize that "eating right isn't enough anymore" because our foods are grown on soils that are depleted of the vital nutrients we need and to many chemicals are used in the growing process. This has made food supplementation a must if a person wants to maintain a robust lifestyle full of energy. Dr. LaMar is widely respected for his knowledge of herbal remedies and nutrition. His clarity, compassion and common sense approach to coupling modern technology with natural therapeutics, has enabled him to produce a line of live nutritional supplements. These products have helped many people unlock the healing power of their bodies, realizing renewed health, energy and vitality.

It is Dr. LaMar's belief that God created the earth to be our home and the earth provides us with everything we need to live a healthy and vibrant life. We need to stop polluting our body and start fortifying it with foods that feed the immune system that heals from within. We have to fuel our inner healing forever by natural substances that enable us to function to our fullest potential. The more we take the responsibility to learn about nutrition and proper supplementation, the better prepared we will be to take an active role in our health and well being.